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Terms of Use of UtMost GYM
Tourist friendly rental private gym in Tokyo

By making a reservation at our rental gym, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


1. Purpose of Use

 The purpose of using this rental gym is limited to the following activities.

      - Fitness

      - Fitness related use and shooting


2. Users

 The following persons are not permitted to use our rental gym.

      - Person(s) who is a member of antisocial groups

      - Person(s) who performs dangerous acts

      - Person(s) who uses the gym in a way that is not respectful to other users.

      - Person(s) who is not appropriate to use the gym


3. Notes for use of the gym

      - Please turn off the lights and air conditioner when you leave the gym

      - Please place the equipment you used to the original place and clean up

      - Security camera is placed for the purpose of capturing crimes


4. Rental time

 The rental time refers to the time you enter the gym to the time you leave which includes preparation and clean-up. Please do not stay the gym earlier and/or later than your booking time.


5. Prohibited acts

 The following acts are prohibited in the gym.

      - Bringing alcohol drinks into the gym

      - Bringing wet foods into the gym

      - Using the gym with outdoor shoes

      - Smoking

      - Theft of the equipment of the gym

      - Bringing music instruments into the gym

      - Bringing explosives, flammable materials, filth, and/or other hazardous materials into the gym

      - Violent activities and immoral activities



6. Cancellation and time change

      - Cancellation:

        Cancellation is acceptable before 24 hours of your booking time, and you will be refunded. Cancelling after 24 hours, you will be charged for 100% of the fee.


      - Changing time:

        Time change is allowed before 24 hours of your booking time. After 24 hours, time change will not be accepted. No-show is considered as a cancellation and you will be charged for 100% of the fee.


7. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

      - UtMost GYM is not responsible for any injuries and accidents, no matter of causes, that may occur at the gym

      - UtMost GYM is not responsible for theft and loss of your belongings at the gym

      - In the event of damage or loss of the gym's facilities and equipment, whether intentional or negligent, you will be held liable for damages and loss. Please notify us as soon as possible if you damage or lose facilities and equipment.

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